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Sturdy and Secure Rail Systems

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Handrail Systems
Riveted Rail System
Bolted Rail System
Friction Fit Rail System
Welded Rail System

The riveted rail system is our most popular style of handrail because of it provides ample stability and security, but is also easy to build and install.


This style of system can also be preassembled in our warehouse, saving you time and money.

The bolted system was developed by Golden Rails Inc. to be slightly stronger than a riveted system, while still remaining economical.


Although the bolted system is a more complex on-site install, it can still be preassembled at our warehouse to streamline the process.

The friction fit system utilizes expanding fittings with concealed stainless steel fasteners and tubular threaded rivets (when specified).


This system provides a clean and seamless look. Again, we can pre-assemble this railing in our manufacturing facility, making for a simpler installation.

The welded handrail system is custom tailored to each project. Using a variety of materials and sizes, we can provide aluminum railing in an anodized, mill finish or grind and weld.


In addition to aluminum, We can also provide welded stainless steel railings. Because this is a welded system it can be modified to fit the needs of any project.

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